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Destiny Gear That Will Be Difficult to Say Goodbye to


Destiny Gear That Will Be Difficult to Say Goodbye to

It’s so hard to say goodbye.

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Destiny 2 is right on the horizon as its console release date stands just one week away. Guardians everywhere are currently doing their last runs of all the activities that the original game has to offer. Getting in Nightfalls to see their head glow, taking down the raids, endeavoring to once and for all get that Flawless Raider trophy/achievement, and seeing if maybe, just maybe, they can dominate a match in the Crucible.

It’s not that the game’s servers will be shut down once the sequel releases, or anything like that. It’s just that many of us will be taking our talents to the war against Ghaul and his vicious Red Legion. We’ll be saying goodbye to the Tower, to the current strike playlist, and to all of the raid bosses that we’ve grown accustomed to over the past three years. But there’s also one other thing that we’ll be saying goodbye to that is a bit more difficult than just the activities and Master Rahool (who’s given me enough useless gear for my engrams to fill a few hundred vaults). Our hard-earned gear will stay in the past as well, and while we have plenty of loot to look forward to in Destiny 2, there are some pieces of gear that will be very difficult to say goodbye to next week.

So here we are, excited for the future, but it’s time to give proper goodbyes to some weapons and armor that carried us through the toughest challenges that Destiny has thrown at us and that left us feeling truly legendary. 

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