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Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1 Story Summary


Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1 Story Summary

New faces, new problems.

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Mori and The Riddler

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 1 Story Summary

Batman: The Enemy Within kicks off with Bruce Wayne going undercover at a casino. An international businessman by the name of Rumi Mori is here, and Bruce is looking to uncover some information or evidence that will allow him to take the criminal into custody. However, before Bruce can make his move, some thugs enter the casino to confront Mori. Their boss is none other than the Riddler, who quickly takes control of the whole casino and captures a few hostages as well.

Bruce manages to sneak out of the casino through a side exit, and he promptly gets into his Batsuit. The GCPD are quickly made aware of the situation, and Commissioner Gordon asks how he should proceed with the assault. You can either tell him to bust in through the front doors, or create a diversion with tear gas. In the meantime, the Riddler appears to have some unfinished business with Mori, and he proceeds to torture the man by slicing off his fingers with a contraption he built himself.

After the GCPD breaks in, Batman and the Riddler engage in a brawl. Before too long, the Riddler takes off, and throws him a puzzle box to solve.

When the GCPD finally have control over the situation, they manage to arrest some of Riddler’s thugs, including his right-hand man. At this point, federal agent Amanda Waller shows up at the scene and introduces herself. She expresses her disappoval at Gordon’s incompetence in capturing criminals, while Gordon says that she goes too far. Batman can either express his loyalty to Gordon, or be open to the idea of working with Waller. We’re also introduced to federal agent Iman, who tries to do a psych-evaluation of Batman. You can wave her off, or answer her question.

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