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Agents of Mayhem: How to Earn XP


Agents of Mayhem: How to Earn XP

How to Earn XP in Agents of Mayhem

While Agents of Mayhem is indeed an action-adventure game, there are a fair number of RPG mechanics sprinkled in to make things interesting. Part of those mechanics are tied to a leveling up system that requires XP. It’s the normal formula: you earn XP, you level up, you get skill points, you spend said skill points, and then you do it all over again. With so many different Agents to use and abilities to unlock and experiment with, you’ll most likely be wanting to earn as much XP as you possibly can, so here are the ways to do that:

Complete Missions – This is the most obvious means of obtaining XP. Simply embark on and complete missions and you’ll earn hefty XP rewards for your efforts.

Combat – Kills earn you XP, it’s as simple as that. Of course, you have to actually kill enemies, so leave civilians out of this… unless you’re just trying to attract enemies to kill. In that case, as you were.

Combos and Special Kills – While basic combat earns you XP, the big points come from stringing together multiple kills, using explosives and abilities, and getting those critical hits. Plan your attack and go for the most.

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