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Agents of Mayhem: How to Craft


Agents of Mayhem: How to Craft

How to Craft in Agents of Mayhem

Crafting is actually very important in Agents of Mayhem as it will provide tons of new ways to customize your Agents to make them an even larger force to be reckoned with. Before you can craft anything, you must first complete the first few opening missions. This will grant you access to the Ark, the home base of MAYHEM.

When you first arrive, you’ll be introduced to the Armory and the R+D Lab. The R+D Lab is where you’ll want to go when it comes to crafting. You have two options when it comes to what types of things you can craft in Agents of Mayhem: Gremlin Tech and Legion Tech.

Gremlin Tech is available from the start, though you’ll only be able to make a Gutterball Gun at first. This type of tech revolves around consumable items such as grenades, quick powerups, etc.

Legion Tech unlocks at level 9 and allows you to build mods for gadgets. These can alter how those gadgets work and provide powerful perks for your Agents.

To craft either one, just make sure you have the required resources and enough cash. Then head to the R+D Lab and press Triangle/Y to interact. From there, choose the type of tech you want to craft and select the specific item. It will then be added directly to your inventory for you to equip as you please.

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