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Absolver: How to Get New Equipment


Absolver: How to Get New Equipment

How to Get New Equipment in Absolver

In Absolver, you’re often only as good as the equipment your Prospect is wearing. Skills can get you pretty far, but you’ll need to be able to deal as much as you can take (if not more), as well as boost up certain abilities. That’s where equipment comes in. Equipment is where your Protections (armor), weapons, and powers come in, and you’ll want to get some new stuff whenever you can. Here’s how.

There are two ways to earn equipment in the game: through rewards or by finding it out in the world in Cairns. Fighting opponents in PvE will sometimes lead them to drop small glowing orbs. These are pieces of equipment that you can pick up and then equip. PvP grants rewards as well, allowing the player to obtain sets that focus on specific stat boosts, or they can instead mix and match them.

Cairns are piles of rocks that essentially serve as loot chests in the game. Once you open one, that’s it. It never gains loot again, so make sure to seek them all out.  When you find one, just walk up and press X and you’re all good.

Though powers fall under the Equipment tab, these aren’t found as loot, but rather earned through battle and experience. Keep fighting and you’ll find your combat repertoire increasing.

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