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Splatoon 2 Freshness Bonus: How to Get it and What it Is


Splatoon 2 Freshness Bonus: How to Get it and What it Is

How to Get a Freshness Bonus in Splatoon 2 and What it Does

You may have noticed while playing Splatoon 2 that under where it shows your level, there’s a number and word like “Dry” or “Raw.” This happens to be your Freshness Rating, something that isn’t exactly explained well in the game but is pretty important. Your Freshness Rating is all about bonuses and is tied to two things: your weapon and your ability to win matches. If you can excel at winning and using a specific weapon, you can earn a Freshness Bonus which is a large amount of experience points to help you level up faster.

Each weapon has its own rating, so if you want to build the rating you need to stick to a gun, preferably one you’re really good with. While using that gun, its rating will go up every time you win a match by .5 points, but if you lose it can go down a full point. So you need a positive win/loss ration to rank up. If you happen to rank up a weapon during a match, when it’s time to get your rewards you’ll see your Freshness Bonus as a huge splat next to your normal points and it’s always a few thousand.

That’s all there is to it. Keep working hard and getting good with your weapons and you’ll start raking in bonuses as you win game after game. It can get frustrating, but don’t give up.

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