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Overwatch: All Doomfist Abilities


Overwatch: All Doomfist Abilities

All of Doomfist’s Abilities in Overwatch

Doomfist has finally hit the Overwatch PTR on PC and players will be eager to try out the long-anticipated hero. Just like every other member of the Overwatch roster, this cybernetic guy comes with his own set of abilities to deal out some serious damage to his opponents. As you’d expect from an offensive character, Doomfist’s abilities revolve around taking down enemies as quickly as possible, so without further ado, let’s check out all of the abilities this new hero brings to the table in Overwatch.

Hand Cannon (LMB) – This is Doomfist’s standard attack. It’s a short-range weapon but one has a fairly wide spread, allowing you to hit multiple targets if you’re being crowded. The weapon reloads automatically, too.

Seismic Slam (E) – This attack sees Doomfist leap forward and smash the ground. It does AoE damage in a cone shape, perfect for leaping into a bunch of enemies.

Rising Uppercut (L Shift) – The Rising Uppercut ability requires you to be up close and personal with your opponent. Upon using this ability, Doomfist knocks an enemy into the air with his fist, allowing you to then deal out even more damage with his hand cannon.

Rocket Punch (RMB) – To use this ability, you’ll need to hold the right mouse button to charge it up. Release when you’re happy with the amount of charge to launch Doomfist forward and send an enemy flying back. If you manage to send the target crashing into a wall, the ability will deal even more damage.

Meteor Strike (Ultimate) (Q) – When your Ultimate is charged, pressing Q will cause him to leap into the air. From here, you can then move a targeting circle, before clicking the left mouse button to strike the area. This deals significant damage to any opponent within the targeting circle.

The Best Defense… (Passive) – Doomfist’s passive ability creates temporary personal shields whenever he’s dealing damage. If you’ve ever wanted a bit of extra defense when you’re in the thick of it, this passive ability has you covered.

That’s all you need to know about Doomfist’s different abilities in Overwatch. Be sure to check back with us soon for more handy tips on the character.

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