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Fortnite: All Heroes and Their Abilities


Fortnite: All Heroes and Their Abilities

All Heroes and Their Abilities in Fortnite

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One really great thing about Fortnite is the simple fact that you don’t have to choose between your preferred play style and your weapon of choice. While Fortnite has four different classes of heroes and a variety of different subclasses, any character can use any weapon. As such, you don’t have to consider weapon choice when figuring out which class of heroes you like the best but you do want to consider the different skills each character has.

The way it works is that there are four main types of heroes in Fortnite—Soldier, Ninja, Constructor, and Outlander. Each of these hero classes specializes in different areas of the game, although the skills you earn are not always the exact same for all heroes within the same class. There are base skills that are the same for all heroes in their respective classes and then additional skills that can only be unlocked by a particular type of character within that class. Keep in mind that while many players will find their favorite class of heroes and gravitate towards them, you will likely want to keep upgrading at least one character from each of the different classes in Fortnite. Certain missions will highlight different kinds of skill sets and you may not want to rely on someone else having the unlocked skills you need to make the mission go smoothly.

Here’s the complete breakdown of all the types of heroes in Fortnite and what skills you will be able to unlock based on which subclass your character falls into.

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