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Destiny 2 Beta: How to Get Riskrunner Exotic Weapon (Submachine Gun)


Destiny 2 Beta: How to Get Riskrunner Exotic Weapon (Submachine Gun)

How to Get the Riskrunner Exotic in Destiny 2 Beta

Riskrunner is one of the new exotics available in Destiny 2, and you can actually get your hands on it during the beta (and it’s surprisingly easy). All you need to do is boot up the game to do the story mission titled Homecoming. The only thing you need to do special is make sure that you play as a Warlock (this particular weapon is exclusive to Warlocks for the Destiny 2 beta).

The Riskrunner is a Submachine gun with high handling, though it can use some help in the impact and reload speed department. It’s an Arc weapon (yay, lightning), but it’s Intrinsic Perk Arc Conductor is where it really shines. If you take Arc damage, your weapon becomes more powerful and lowers the amount of damage you take from future Arc attacks. Keep killing and the effect keeps going. Also, when Arc Conductor is active, the Riskrunner has a chance to inflict chain lightning upon enemies, making for easy crowd control, and a headache in the Crucible.

Its accuracy isn’t the best (especially at longer ranges), but thanks to strong handling, you can wreak some serious havoc at mid range. This works very well if you’re up against an Arcstrider or a Striker (turn their power against them).

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