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Blizzard Explicitly Teases Doomfist’s Arrival in Overwatch


Blizzard Explicitly Teases Doomfist’s Arrival in Overwatch

Is “the Successor” finally heading to Overwatch soon?

Overwatch fans have been hoping for Blizzard to officially announce and subsequently release Doomfist as a playable hero since years before the game even released, and last week brought the most recent and seemingly most credible of many hints that it’s going to happen. Until now, that is.

Blizzard released a faux news report on the Overwatch blog yesterday claiming that the character Reaper had sprung aka Akande Ogundimu (aka “Doomfist”) from Helix Security International’s classified maximum security installation within the in-game Overwatch lore. The blog post continues to mention that Doomfist next turned up on the in-game map Numbani, where the character’s titular fist of doom is located and banners are hung bearing his name and likeness.

“Doomfist” is actually a moniker assumed by a number of characters in Overwatch lore, but Akande Ogundimu is not one of the previously named characters: Akinjide Adeyemi, known as “the Scourge” and Adhabu Ngumi, known as “the Savior.” Overwatch has, however, also referenced a Doomfist character whom Blizzard has labeled “the Successor,” and it’s likely that’s Akande Ogundimu.

It’s also interesting that the lore frames Doomfist’s breakout as having happened months ago and that he turned up next at Numbani. That’s because back in February Blizzard added a bunch of damage around the map, including a smashed wall with the game’s most recently released playable character, Orisa, being plastered to the wall at the point of impact.

Just last week, Overwatch forum and Reddit users found a reference to Doomfist hidden in the code of the latest Overwatch patch to hit the game’s public test realm. Blizzard removed the line in question shortly after it was discovered.

Actor Terry Crews, a self-professed fan of Overwatch and other Blizzard games, has frequently been linked to Doomfist and has lobbied Blizzard to allow him to voice the character. Blizzard’s blog post makes no mention of whether or not that will be the case.


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