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Valkyria Revolution: How to Restore RP (Ragnite Points)


Valkyria Revolution: How to Restore RP (Ragnite Points)

How to Restore RP (Ragnite Points) in Valkyria Revolution

Your main method of attack in Valyrira Revolution comes in the way of Ragnite, gems that unlock special powers for the members of the Vanargand. Each character can equip up to four Ragnite in battle, and using the abilities depletes a blue meter called RP, or Ragnite Points. Generally, you’ll be able to use quite a few abilities before the meter depletes but as battles become longer and throw more enemies at you in Valkyria Revolution, you’ll no doubt need to replenish your RP.

The good news is that each character’s Ragnite Points will replenish on their own, although if you aren’t directly controlling them it may be hard to stop them from using Ragnite. There are certain tactics you can apply to your party members that focus on them conserving their gauge as well.

The other way of restoring RP comes with usable items that you can purchase at the Vanargand’s headquarters in Elsinor. You’ll want to buy Ragnapuls which aren’t entirely cheap, but you can reduce the price by controlling more territory on the world map. You’ll be able to bring four Ragnapuls into each battle, and each one will restore a significant amount of RP for a character. Make smart use of your Ragnite Points and you’ll have the abilities you need to bring down enemies.

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