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Pokemon GO: How to Get Rare Candy and How to Use Them


Pokemon GO: How to Get Rare Candy and How to Use Them


Rare Candy was something you always hunted for in the original Pokemon games. It is always very useful and has been added to Pokemon GO as part of the new update.

However, they are gained in a different way and work differently to what you have become used to. Instead of increasing your Pokemon’s level by one as they do in the core games, Rare Candy in Pokemon GO can be transformed into a single candy for any Pokemon you like. For example, if you are one candy away from evolving into a Tyrantitar, you can use a rare candy as a Larvitar candy. They are useful if you are short of candies for particular Pokemon.

To use them, head to their icon in your items bag. Click on the Rare Candies you have and you will be taken your Pokemon collection where you can click on the one you need candy for. A message will then show saying, ‘Transform a Rare Candy into a [Chosen Pokemon] Candy?’ and it will show you how many candies you will have once the action is confirmed.

Using Rare Candies may be simple but getting them takes quite a lot more effort. The only way of getting them is as a reward for completing Gym Raids. You aren’t guaranteed to be awarded them but you could be given some once your have defeated and caught the Raid boss. The harder the Raid, the more Rare Candy you are likely to be given. They also aren’t the only reward you can be given for completing a Raid. You can get TM change items, revives, golden razzberries, and 3000 XP. Rare Candies can be very useful for filling out your Pokedex so keep your fingers crossed for them when you are battling a Raid boss.

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