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Nex Machina: Is There Online Co-op?


Nex Machina: Is There Online Co-op?


Housemarque games often have substantial co-op elements, both online and split screen. With Nex Machina’s arcade mode being short and so focused on speed and high score chasing, co-opperative play is great for making the content feel more substantial than it is.

However, Nex Machina’s split screen co-op is the only way of playing with other people – there is no online co-op mode. You can play all the stages in the game with one other player from the comfort of your couch, making some of the higher difficulties easier to manage. The only way of comparing your skills with others online is via the leaderboard in Arcade or Arena Mode. Once you have set a score in a level, you can choose to check your position on the leaderboards and see how you compare against your friends.

The developer hasn’t stated any plans to do so, but maybe they will add online co-op into Nex Machina in a future update, if demand is high enough. It is popular in other games so may be popular in Nex Machina as well.

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