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Knack 2 More Varied According To Mark Cerny, “We Took Our Feedback”

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Knack 2 More Varied According To Mark Cerny, “We Took Our Feedback”

Are we going to like Knack this time around?

During E3’s “Live Event” today, Mark Cerny spoke about some of the improvements to his upcoming game, Knack 2. Cerny, who was also the lead architect for the PS4 during its development, admitted that reception to the first game was mixed. As a result of taking feedback from reviews and playtests, however, developer SIE Japan Studio has incorporated more variety this time around, including a deeper combat system.

“Variety is our keyword” he said, describing the platforming, combat, and puzzle gameplay. The level design was described as more open and the combat deeper than the first game. Cerny also suggested the level design would take gamers to interesting and visually impressive environments that are more grounded in reality than they might have been in platform games gone-by.

Cerny also spoke to his enjoyment of making games, stating that “the hardware important but a lot of the value, a lot of the ability to understand what needs to be created with the technology and use it in creative ways.”

Other Knack 2 details revealed included a heavy focus on accessible couch co-operative play. Thanks to Share Play, even gamers who do not own a copy will be able to join friends for co-operative sessions from their own PS4. The developer has also apparently paid close attention to reworking the camera for smooth multiplayer action.

Knack 2 releases September 5th 2017 on PS4.

Check out the full interview for more:


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