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Jurassic World 2 Gets A New Tagline to Excite Old Fans


Jurassic World 2 Gets A New Tagline to Excite Old Fans

Only Ian Malcolm could have predicted this one.

We see what you did there Universal. The sequel to Jurassic World had its name revealed finally in a poster released on the franchise’s official Twitter, and although maybe not the most inventive name for a movie of this caliber, it may be a reason to get OG fans pumped for the latest Dino flick.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is the name. The Tagline is “Life Finds A Way.” The poster release did not come with any new information on the film, and only very slightly sets the tone for the next installment of the series, but it’s something to look forward to as the project is still about a year away from release. June 22, 2018 to be exact.

Think the new poster is nothing to be excited about? That’s okay. But anyone who watched Jurassic Park way back in the 90’s will know the new tagline instantly. Made famous by Jeff Goldblum, who plays the eccentric yet charming chaotician in Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: The Lost World, life finds a way is not just a motto but an ominous fact he used to debunk the park and point out why creating real life dinosaurs and thinking you could control them was nonsensical. And of course, he was right.

It’s no secret that Jeff Goldblum will be reappearing in Fallen Kingdom, which was announced back in April, but maybe this confirms that it will not be a small part. Or maybe he literally just returns to tell us all he was right about life finding a way. However, the first would be the safer bet. Either way, it will be good to see Ian Malcolm return to the franchise and what is going to happen now that the new park has also…gone the way of the dinosaurs.

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