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Insurgency Sandstorm Brings Story to the Realistic Military Shooter


Insurgency Sandstorm Brings Story to the Realistic Military Shooter

An interesting and intense story awaits Insurgency

New World Interactive’s upcoming tactical shooter Insurgency Sandstorm has been given a brand new E3 2017 trailer.

The new footage showcases a glimpse of cinematic sequences for the Story Mode, which includes a campaign playable in co-op with a squad of 4 players or a team of two in split-screen mode. The clips’ voiceover belongs to one of the main characters in the game, “a U.S. Army veteran turned volunteer soldier.” He’ll be accompanied by a native woman soldier and other NPCs, who have yet to be revealed at this time. As far as the actual storyline, here’s an excerpt from the press release:

In Insurgency: Sandstorm’s Story Mode, players will travel as a party cut off from support across a war-torn landscape on a new mission that is deeply personal.

Insurgency Sandstorm is the sequel of the critically-acclaimed multiplayer-focused first person shooter Insurgency, which was made by New World Interactive. Originally developed as a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2, the first installment was highly lauded for its realistic approach to military combat, as well as its intenseness in the multiplayer experience (both PvP and PvE). The sequel is said to be a major improvement with new features such as light vehicles you can drive and deeper character customization.

The game is slated to be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but there’s no release date just yet.


This post was originally written by Nam Bui.

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