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Everything We Learned From the Monster Hunter World Reveal Trailer


Everything We Learned From the Monster Hunter World Reveal Trailer

Monster Hunter has never looked so glorious.


During Sony’s big E3 press conference this week, we were showered with nothing but trailer after trailer and announcements after announcements. One of the most surprising news to come out from the Sony press briefing was the reveal for Monster Hunter World, the next installment in Capcom’s action role-playing franchise.

Lets take a look back at the glorious Monster Hunter World trailer and closely examine the important information that might have been left out in the initial reveal.

The trailer starts off with showing a hunter pushing his way through some shrubs and ending up in an open forest. From this first look at the game, you can already see that Monster Hunter World is definitely taking advantage of the modern-day consoles; the graphics look beautiful and more detailed than ever before. We see the hunter then swimming which means that underwater combat that’s been seen in past Monster Hunter titles might be making a comeback in World. Swinging a sword and maneuvering underwater while fighting huge aquatic monsters sounds like a grand ol’ time.

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