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Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court: How to Get the Flagellant


Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court: How to Get the Flagellant

A new masochist joins the fray.

How to Get the New Flagellant Hero in Darkest Dungeon: Crimson Court

The Flagellant is a brand new hero introduced in Darkest Dungeon’s new Crimson Court DLC. He specializes in Bleed moves, whether you’re using him to attack or self-heal. He works well in the first two positions and can be a great source of damage output if used right. However, I recommend pairing him up with another damage dealing class like the always reliable Leper or Crusader if you’re going through a long dungeon or gearing up to fight a boss.

To unlock the Flagellant, you need to have the Crimson Court DLC installed and enabled in your saved game. You won’t be able to unlock him straight away, though. The hero will only start showing up in the Hamlet from week 5 onwards. When you get back from a dungeon, you’ll receive a notification, along with the option to add the hero to your barracks. After that, you’ll start seeing him as an available hero from the stagecoach as well.

If you enabled the DLC on an existing run that’s already past week 5, the hero should start showing up at any point in time.

That’s all you need to know to get the Flagellant hero. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and information on Darkest Dungeon and the Crimson Court DLC.

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