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ARMS: How to Block Attacks


ARMS: How to Block Attacks

Shield up.

Blocking Attacks in ARMS

As is the case with any fighting game, blocking attacks is crucial to surviving in ARMS. There are a couple of ways you can block attacks in this game, but the default control to block is simply by tilting both your Joy-Cons towards each other when you’re using motion controls. If you’re using a controller, press the L3 button on the left analog stick itself.

Blocking will shield you from damage from any incoming punches. This means that you can’t be hurt by side punches initiated by Chakrams and other curving weapons either. However, do be aware that blocking will not protect you from grabs and throws. The only way to block a grab is by throwing a punch directly at the green beam you see between your opponent’s fists as they try to initiate a throw, or you can just try to strafe out of the way.

You can also block attacks by throwing out your own punches to counteract your opponents, though you’ll still have a short recovery time as you wait for that arm to get recalled back to you before you can continue attacking.

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