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ARMS: Can You Change Controller Layouts?


ARMS: Can You Change Controller Layouts?


In the early moments of ARMS, you’re shown the basics of the game – how to grab enemies, how to punch, how to dash, amongst other things. The default control scheme when not using the Joy-Cons’ motion controls assigns punching with each arm to the A and B buttons, with B as the left arm and A as the right.

While it is easy to get used to, having control of the two arms set to two buttons that are very close together feels slightly odd to start with. You cannot help but think that it would feel more natural to have the inputs set to buttons that are in opposite locations such as A and Y, or the triggers. Thankfully, while the game does not allow you to change any control layouts, you can use different buttons to punch, although the game does not tell you that you can.

The right and left triggers can be used as the punching buttons, with ZL and ZR working as left and right respectively. It makes punching feel more natural and allows you to focus on dashing and jumping without having to move your fingers to A and B.

While you cannot change the entirety of the control layout, there are other options for punching. For more on ARMS, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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