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6 Rides That Should Definitely Be at Super Nintendo World


6 Rides That Should Definitely Be at Super Nintendo World

We hope to step inside some of these games!

Mario Kart

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If the rumors are anything to go by, this is one ride that might just happen, and Mario Kart would be the perfect backdrop for a roller-coaster. Universal filed a patent for several ride designs and Mario Kart could be one of them. This would be a great move by Universal. Multiple coaster tracks can be laid out side-by-side, as the coasters will race each other down the tracks.

The thrill of being inside of Mario-themed cars would be fun enough, but it would be great if they could implement the real fun of Mario Kart: the weapons. Each car could be equipped with a button. When riders push the button, the car next to you spins out of control due to that banana peel you just dropped in front of them. The cars will freely rotate above the wheels, in a similar manner to the X2 coaster in Six Flags Magic Mountain or the Men in Black ride that already exists in Universal Studios.

There are several racing tracks that would be exciting to experience in real life, but Rainbow Road would definitely make this roller-coaster stand apart from other coasters around the world. Imagine that Universal Studios is closing for the night, but you just can’t help but ride Mario Kart one last time as you stare in awe of Rainbow Road glowing in the nightlight.

This post was originally authored by Brandt Prescott.

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