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Shiness The Lightning Kingdom: How to Master Skills and Magic


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom: How to Master Skills and Magic

In Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, skills and magic are the bread and butter of having powerful characters capable of taking down foes in a matter of seconds. However, in order to equip and use them, they need to be mastered first.

In order to master each character’s various abilities, you’ll need equipment items known as disciplines. These items look like scrolls and are equippable on the first two menu screens under Equipment (with the first page reflecting skills and the second magic). After putting the disciplines on, by using the skill or spell associated with the discipline in combat you will begin to master it. Once mastered, the spell or skill can be used without having the discipline equipped. This is key to equipping multiple different spells at one time.

In Shiness, there are two very key differences between spells and skills. The first is that each character can learn every spell available in the game. This means they can equip every magic discipline you find, which is not true for skill disciplines as they are character specific. Although some characters can share some skill disciplines, it is very rare and won’t wind up impacting very much. The second big difference is that once a skill has been mastered, it can be mastered further for a stronger effect. This requires different discipline equip items that are generally found much later in the game. These stronger masteries often provide a secondary effect onto the skill such as a silence effect or self-healing.

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