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Prey: How to Unlock Chipset Slots


Prey: How to Unlock Chipset Slots

How to Unlock Chipset Slots in Prey

While Neuromods are definitely the core way of improving your abilities and obtaining new skills in Prey, chipsets also let you increase your power. Unfortunately, you can’t do much with them when you first start out because your chipset slots are limited. Fortunately enough, there’s a way to get more so that you can add more stuff to poor ol’ Morgan.

In order to unlock them, you’re going to have to spend some of those precious Neuromod points. Under the Engineer tree are Suit Modification I, II, and III each costing two, four, and six points respectively. While each one increases your inventory space, they also unlock two additional slots for chipsets, totaling out at six more slots. For those looking to mod the heck out of the playable character in Prey, this is definitely worth investing in.

Once you unlock the perks, you are free to start slotting in any of the chipsets you happened to pick up while playing. Tailor the protagonist to how you like to play and make Talos I bend to your will (or, at the very least, not treat you like a piece of unwanted crap).

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