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Injustice 2: Where To Do All Level Transitions


Injustice 2: Where To Do All Level Transitions

Where To Do All Level Transitions in Injustice 2

Winning a match in Injustice 2 always feels rewarding, but there is something particularly special about emerging victorious after sending your opponent flying to another section of the stage. The Injustice series is far from being the first fighting game to introduce level transitions but you have to admit that these titles have some of the most entertaining transitions the genre has ever seen. Your opponents aren’t simply getting knocked off a ledge or even getting tossed through the roof. No. Not in Injustice. These stage transitions will leave your opponents gasping for air in sewers, soaring into another dimension, smashing into helicopters, and so much more. All you need to know is where exactly to go in each stage to trigger the transition before hitting your heavy attack button while holding back.

Also, keep in mind that stage transitions are never a one way street in Injustice 2. This guide will show you how to take your opponent from the first part of the stage to the second area but all you have to do is go back towards the side you came from in order to take the fight back to its initial setting. In other words, if you went to the far left of the screen to trigger the first transition you’ll want to make your way to the far right of the screen in the second area of the stage in order to perform another transition that will return the fight to its original environment.

Arkham Asylum: Back your opponent up to the very far right side of the screen and you’ll have the option to send them flying through a massive window and large metal cages.

Batcave: While it may not seem like there is a stage transition available here, there is and it’s a pretty good one. Get your opponent against the very far left side of the screen next to the panel of computers and you’ll be able to send them crashing through the brick wall.

Red Sun Prison: Get your opponent up against the far left side of the screen where you’ll see a large monitor. Here, you will be able to knock your opponent through the monitor and trigger a devastating chain of events that will actually move the fight up a level.

Kahndaq: If you move the fight over to the very far left side of the screen you’ll see a large structure with a glowing red hue to it. If you look close, you’ll notice the structure has a few cracks in it so I’m sure you know what that means—It’s perfect for sending someone crashing into it.

Brainiac’s Ship: Get your opponent backed up against the right side of the screen to send your enemy flying off of Brainiac’s ship. While it seems like they’re going to be able to escape, one of Brainiac’s tentacles will quickly snatch them up and bring them back into the ship for more.

Slaughter Swamp: This is a particularly fun stage with quite a bit going on in the background. If you have a stronger character you can even hurl a giant alligator at them. Unfortunately, you won’t be a able to perform any cool stage transitions here though. What a bummer.

Joker’s Playground: This another stage with a whole lot of character and environmental details but no opportunity for a punishing stage transition. It’s kind of unfortunate that we’ll never see someone get knocked onto the eerie ferris wheel or collide with the dummies swirling around on the carousel. There are certainly a lot of fun options for a stage transition here so one can only hope that NetherRealm might consider giving this stage a transition later.

Metropolis: Your journey to Metropolis starts in a rundown bar but if you take your enemy over to the jukebox on the far right side of the screen, they’ll be in for a lot more than just some good tunes. Activate the stage transition and your enemy will get knocked through the wall and smash into another building before they finally come to rest in the middle of a construction site.

Gorilla City: While this stage has some pretty fun stage interactions for characters, there are currently no other sections of the stage to knock your opponent to. You’ll have to just settle for hurling a gazelle at them instead.

Atlantis: This is a pretty fun one. Let’s just say that giant shadowy figure in the background serves a purpose and it’s not a good one. Take your opponent to the far right side of the screen where you’ll see holograms of different fish. Trigger the stage transition and you’ll see just how dangerous Atlantis really is.

Fortress of Solitude: Knocking your opponent into Superman’s face is about the most fun you’ll have on this stage unfortunately. No transitions here, boy and girls.

Gotham City: If you want to see your opponent get knocked into a van of explosives before ultimately being hurled through a movie theater screen and into a room full of old movie props, back them up against the far left side of the screen. Once you see the back of a run down van, you’re ready to have some fun—as long as you’re not the one with your back to it.

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