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Injustice 2: How to Reroll Gear


Injustice 2: How to Reroll Gear

How to Reroll Gear in Injustice 2

Gear is now an integral part of Injustice 2’s progression. Unlocking and equipping new pieces of armor and weapons will increase your favorite characters’ stats and sometimes even earn you some new abilities that can be used in combat. However, sometimes the gear you get isn’t that great or you have a great piece that you’re leveling out of. That’s why the regen system, which lets you reroll any piece of gear you’ve unlocked, is going to become your best friend.

To reroll gear you’ll need two things: a piece of gear and a Regen Token. Once you have both, head to the Brother Eye menu where you unlock Mother Boxes. Press R1/RB or right on the d-pad in order to reach the Regen menu. Now, choose the character who has a piece you want to reroll then choose the piece of gear you want to try your luck with. You’ll be prompted to spend one Regen Token. You’ll then be presented with two pieces of gear: the original and the new, regenerated version.

The newer piece will now match the level of the character in question. Also, the stats and perks will be changed. You can decide if you like the improvement or wanna stick with the original piece of Injustice 2 gear. That’s all there is to it.

We recommend using this mechanic on low-level Epic gear with good perks since you’ll always get a perk with this rarity of gear. Also, if it was part of a set, that won’t change.

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