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Injustice 2: How to Make a Guild


Injustice 2: How to Make a Guild

How to Make a Guild in Injustice 2

It’s very easy to join a pre-existing guild in Injustice 2 but if you and your friends want to form your own alliance, it will be up to you to make one. The process to do so is incredibly easy but there are a few key decisions you’ll have to make to see your guild come to life. It all starts with a very simple pre-requisite. Players can’t join or create guilds until they have reached level 5 on their profile. Once this has been achieved, the rest is all about your own level of creativity.

After selecting the guild menu, you will see an option to create a guild instead of scrolling through options of guilds you can join. After selecting this option, you will need to create a name for your new team as well as assign the guild an icon and set a statement. The guild’s statement essentially serves as a motto and is a quick reference for others to see what your guild is all about.

Once that has been completed, the last part is to decide if you want your guild to be open, free or private. An open guild does not require an invitation to join but anyone who wants in will have to be approved before actually being added to the team. Free guilds have no barriers to entry and all players will have to do is select your guild in order to join your team. The last option is to create a private invite-only guild, which is the best option for anyone who has a very particular roster in mind for who they want fighting by their side.

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