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Farpoint: Can You Play With Move Controllers?


Farpoint: Can You Play With Move Controllers?


Farpoint has released alongside the Aim Controller but the bundle is proving hard to find in many places and players are wondering whether they can play the game with the Move Controllers they already have.

Unfortunately, you are not able to play Farpoint using Move Controllers. You can use a DualShock 4 in the same way you would the Aim Controller, but Move Controllers aren’t compatible. Since movement and aiming in the game is tracked using a single light bubble at the end of the Aim Controller or the single light bar on the DualShock 4, you cannot use two Move Controllers as a gun as you can do in other games. The button configuration, using all the buttons on a DualShock 4 and two thumbsticks, also does not match the configuration on the old motion controllers.

There are no plans to add compatibility because you are persuaded to purchase the Aim Controller in order to get the best experience from Farpoint. I would also recommend doing so because it works so well and makes your exploration of the alien planet far more immersive.

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