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Farpoint: How to Strafe & Change Turn Controls


Farpoint: How to Strafe & Change Turn Controls


While controlling your movement is generally quite easy in Farpoint, ensuring that you’re looking and walking in the same direction can be more challenging than it should be, initially. Here’s how to change turn controls and strafe easily in Farpoint.

Strafing isn’t turned on by default in Farpoint. You can turn slightly by moving your entire body, ensuring that the controller’s light and the front of the headset are still visible to the PlayStation Camera, but it doesn’t work well in confined spaces.

However, you can turn strafing on and there is plenty of different comfort options for you to choose from. You can choose from small step, big step, smooth, or click, and you can alter the turning speed for all of them. The stepped ones are best for those that are still getting to grips with their VR legs, but ‘smooth’ offers the most immersive experience and it makes the most challenging combat moments more manageable. It’s worth noting, however, that the ‘Smooth’ comfort option make some people feel motion sick. Be sure to experiment with the different options available to you in Farpoint until you find the right one for you.

To turn these options on, you can either go to the settings area of the main menu and change the ‘Turn Mode’ setting at the top of the first page. Or, you can access that page by pressing the options button when in-game. When using the Aim Controller, the options button is just to the right of the thumbtack at the front of the peripheral. The option you want to change is the top one on the first page you see.

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