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Dragon Quest XI Screenshots Show Off the New Zone and Link Systems in Combat


Dragon Quest XI Screenshots Show Off the New Zone and Link Systems in Combat

Even more options.

The Dragon Quest series is set to return later this year with the mainline entry Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. The new title is changing a few thing from previous entries including combat, which has tow new systems known as “Zone” and “Link.” New screenshots posted on the game’s official Japanese website, detail the additions.

Zone is a mode that the protagonist and party members can enter, boosting their attack power, almost similar to the Trance mode of Final Fantasy IX. Zone happens when a character’s concentration is at its max, and it’s noted by a blue aura surrounding your character. The effects of Zone can carry over to the next battle, and all your party members can enter it as well as enemies. When the protagonist enters Zone mode, he can team up with other party members to unleash powerful Link attacks.

dragon quest xi 1

The Link system is reminiscent of Chrono Trigger, allowing party members to team up for powerful co-op attacks in combat. Two party members can team up, with one example showing the party member Silvia lighting up the protagonist’s sword with fire, or your entire party can use a devastating co-op attack, shown in the screenshots below. You’ll need to be careful, however, since monsters can also enter Zone mode and unleash their own powerful Link attacks against you. Take a look at all the new screenshots in the gallery down below.

dq xi 13

Dragon Quest XI launches on July 29 for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in Japan, and sometime later on Switch. We still don’t have an English release date as of yet, although the game is confirmed to be coming West.

What do you think of the addition of Zone and Link to Dragon Quest XI’s combat system? Let us know down in the comments below.


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