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The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017


The 6 Worst Games of Q1 2017

You’ll want to save your money.

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Worst Games of Q1 2017

Vroom in the Night Sky, worst, q1

Vroom in the Night Sky is inexcusably bad, especially since it was one of the launch titles for Nintendo Switch in Europe and Japan when it looks more like a Stream Greenlight pitch.

The point of Vroom in the Night Sky is to collect Stardusts and Keystars as Luna on her magical motorcycle in order to open “The Magical Gate” floating in the night sky. The environments are either basic or horribly bare, and the whole thing can be easily completed in just a couple hours.

The overall goal of this game is extremely basic, it’s essentially just a time-killer where you ride a motorcycle around and collect items. The game’s description on its Nintendo Switch page reads, “By manipulating the motorcycle technically, the number of Stardusts you can get increases. Try various actions and challenges to collect Stardusts. By using the collected Stardusts, you will be able to get a new Magical Bike. If you get a powerful Magical Bike, you will be able to more easily collect Stardusts!” So collect Stardusts, to get a better bike, to collect more Stardusts.

Vroom in the Night Sky was originally going to be part of the Switch launch lineup in North America as well, but it was delayed until April 5. Make sure to steer clear of this one, folks. Check out a trailer for this title to see its barren environments and uneventful gameplay.

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