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Star Wars Battlefront II Will Shake Up The Multiplayer Experience; Hero Power-Ups Are Out

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Will Shake Up The Multiplayer Experience; Hero Power-Ups Are Out

Power-ups, begone!

During Star Wars Celebration and the press-only panel for Star Wars Battlefront II, EA revealed quite a bit of new information regarding the game’s multiplayer. It seems that they listened to fans on what players wanted to see different this time around. DICE had a bunch of news tidbits to unveil, so let’s get to it.

First and most amazing, Tauntauns will be rideable. That’s right, the trailer’s tease is right within the game. Vehicles will of course play a big role on the battlefield and the team noted there will be “a lot more” added. There is also the introduction of “Hero ships” that act a lot like heroes, being iconic and powerful on the battlefield.

Speaking of heroes, they want to make sure that these are found much more often around the match. But don’t think that means more power-ups will be dropped in; those have been cut right out. Now, they noted that becoming a hero relies more on a “resource-based system.” What does this mean exactly? Well, he wouldn’t go further than that, but judging from a prior comment he made, it might have to do with how well you perform and completing actions to help your team.

Star Wars Battlefront II

The heroes within Star Wars Battlefront II will have a lot of “physicality.” This means that they will be able to pull off way more badass moves as they wreck everyone. The last change to heroes that they noted has to do with what they called a “career” for them. You can upgrade them, unlock specific abilities to use, and customize them to your play style. This can also be done with the ships within the game, as well. It seems your trooper won’t be the only one that can be unique to you. Oh, and speaking of troopers or rebels that you can play as… Droids are back as playable characters.

The last interesting bit of news is that all heroes from across the entire franchise will be available in multiplayer. This includes even the prequels, as they wanted to make sure to include all of the different eras that different Star Wars fans might have grown up with.

So it seems that there are quite a bit of differences on the way for Star Wars Battlefront II. What do you think? Any other things you’d like to see added or taken out? Sound off on the comments below!

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