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Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How to Hit a Home Run (City’s Hard Hitter)


Persona 5 Trophy Guide: How to Hit a Home Run (City’s Hard Hitter)

How to Hit a Home Run and Get the City’s Hard Hitter Trophy in Persona 5

There are Batting Cages in Yongen-Jaya where you can practice your swing. Hitting a home run here will earn you the City’s Hard Hitter trophy for Persona 5, but, like in real life, hitting a home run isn’t exactly easy. This is a somewhat annoying trophy, but you can use the save and reload method to not waste too much of your in-game time.

First, before heading to the Batting Cages, save your game. You can do this in your room, or in Leblanc’s restaurant area. Now that you’ve saved, walk over to the cages if you haven’t been there yet or just fast travel if you have. All that’s required to hit a home run is aiming right and the timing of your swing. Aiming is the easy part. To hit a home run, you’ll want to try to aim for the lower half of the ball to give it some lift so it flies forward and up a bit. Hitting the top part of the ball will just drill it into the ground.

Timing will take a few tries, so just keep practicing until eventually you’ll knock it out. You’ll hit a home run in Persona 5 and get yourself a nice trophy for your hard work. If you fail, just remember to reload and do it again. Keep doing this until you succeed.

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