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Persona 5: How to Get and Use the SP Adhesive


Persona 5: How to Get and Use the SP Adhesive

SP doesn’t come cheap.

Getting the SP Adhesive and How to Use It in Persona 5

The SP Adhesive is a really useful accessory you can make use of in Persona 5. Once you have it equipped, you’ll be able to regain a small amount of SP after every turn in battle. To get this item, you need to hit rank 5 with the Death Confidant, doctor Tae Takemi. After reaching rank 5, you can buy accessories from her. However, if you reach rank 7, you can get a permanent 50% discount on all the items she sells. Considering how expensive the SP Adhesive is (100,000 yen for the best one), you should definitely try to get the discount before purchasing the item.

After you purchase it, simply head into your main menu and equip it in one of your character’s accessory slots. The SP Adhesive basically gives you a free Invigorate skill, so you regenerate SP every turn. There are three tiers of SP Adhesives, though the effect is only worth it if you get the best one. The item is best used by having your character block for multiple turns while up against a weak enemy that can’t kill you. Make sure to use it wisely.

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