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Persona 5: How to Raise Proficiency


Persona 5: How to Raise Proficiency

How to Raise Proficiency in Persona 5

Proficiency is thankfully one of the easier stats to raise in Persona 5, as long as you have the time to do so. It’s needed to deal with certain NPCs as well as increase the amount of items you can craft in a single day (which becomes fairly important as you progress if you really like loot). This will most likely be one of your first social stats you really start growing, so get it done quickly to free up time for other things.

Like with all the other social stats in Persona 5, there are several ways to increase your Proficiency rank:

  • Read a book focused on this stat. Just note that you must complete the book to earn the experience, each session doesn’t give you anything on their own.
  • Craft Infiltration Tools. This is the main purpose of the stat in the first place, so it makes sense that completing this act helps to boost it.
  • Certain jobs increase this stat as well. One examples is the Beef Bowl restaurant in Shibuya.
  • The Batting Cage (if you get hits).
  • Burger challenge in Shibuya – Central Street, at night.

These methods all work very well so make sure to utilize them. Just keep in mind that all of the above pass time. Keep any deadlines and other important developments as priorities, and remember that you have other stats to increase as well.

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