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Persona 5: How to Romance Ichiko Ohya


Persona 5: How to Romance Ichiko Ohya

How to Romance Ichiko Ohya in Persona 5

You’ll meet Ichiko Ohya for the first time while working towards the second Palace’s deadline in Persona 5. She’s a curious reporter who wants to know a bit more about Madarame. However, you don’t find out her name and obtain her as a Confidant until after 6/22 when you can head to the Crossroads bar located in Shinjuku (nighttime). She doesn’t have any special stat prerequisites to befriend and her abilities relieve some of the stress of getting spotted within Palaces. She’s also a romance option if you’re interested. Here’s how to romance Ichiko Ohya.

After forming the bond for the first time just keep talking to her and hanging out whenever you get the chance. Over time the Devil Arcana (which she represents) will gain ranks. While Rank 7 and working on reaching Rank 8 you’ll gain a request called “Fighting for Truth in Journalism.” Complete it to gain Rank 8 after talking to her again. During the conversation to reach Rank 9 you’ll finally have a romance option.

There are two questions Ichiko Ohya will ask you and you need to pick the romance option for each. Here are the two sets of answers with romance marked:

Responses 1

  • “I took it seriously.” (romance)
  • “I didn’t take it seriously.” (friendship)

Responses 2

  • “I love you, Ichiko.” (romance)
  • “I’m just kidding.” (friendship)

Remember, you must pick the romance option for both questions, then you and Ichiko can be together forever… or at least until the credits roll.

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