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Persona 5: How to Get and Use Skill Cards


Persona 5: How to Get and Use Skill Cards

Handy dandy cards.

Using Skill Cards in Persona 5

Skill Cards were a feature originally introduced in Persona 4 Golden, and they’ve been carried over to Persona 5 as well. Before you can start using these handy tools, you’ll have to progress through the game until you unlock the second Palace and Yusuke’s Confidant contract later on. His first Confidant rank will introduce you to his special ability of drawing on blank cards and duplicating low level Skill Cards.

First off, Skill Cards can be found in treasure chests in Mementos, or as rare drops from enemies. You can also bully enemies into handing them over. Each Card is named after a spell, and you can use it on any one of your Personas to let them learn that particular spell. However, they can only be used once, so think carefully before committing. If you have a Blank Card, you can give them over to Yusuke, and have him duplicate a low level Skill Card that you’ve previously unlocked. Look for him at Shibuya station, give him the items, and he’ll have them ready for collection the next day.

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