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Persona 5: How to Create All the Personas for the Twins and Max Out the Strength Confidant


Persona 5: How to Create All the Personas for the Twins and Max Out the Strength Confidant

How to Create the Personas Needed to Max Out the Strength Confidant in Persona 5

The Strength Confidant in Persona 5 is tied to your bond with the twin wardens Caroline and Justine. Unlike other Confidants, you don’t have to actually have conversations with the tiny jail-keepers. Instead, you have to create very specific Personas that they request starting on 5/18. Not only must you make the Persona, they must also have a specific ability.

This can be very difficult, but to help you out, we have every rank requirement and how to create the Strength Confidant’s requests. You can farm for or fuse others to create the necessary parts. If any of the parts are a Persona you used to have, you can repurchase them (though they are expensive).

Upgrading the Strength Confidant is a good idea if you really like fusing Personas in Persona 5. They unlock different fusion methods as well as a means to add resistances and immunities to your creations.

Rank 1: 5/18, Unlocks Group Guillotine

Show a Jack Frost that has the Mabufu ability. You can create one by combining a Berith or a Mokoi with Apsaras.

Rank 2: Requires Level 16

This time you’ll need a Shiissa with Frei. Combine a Jack Frost with a Makami that has Frei.

Rank 3: Requires Level 19

Combine a Anzu and Koppa Tengu to get a Matador. Magaru won’t be obtainable until you can strengthen your Personas, a skill that Igor gives you later on. Use either a Nekomata or Sudama to give the move to Matador (the skill is random, so save before making the move).

Rank 4: Requires Level 25

You need to show the twins a Flauros with the Tarukaja ability. Fuse a Berith, an Eligor, and a level 11 Andras (Andras will learn the required move at level 11).

Rank 5: Requires Level 29, Unlocks Guillotine Booster

For an Ame-no-Uzume with Dodge Psy, you’ll need to strengthen a fusion. First, there are two different combinations that give you a Ame-no-Uzume: Okuninushi + Sadama or Arsene + Norn. Strengthen the combination with a level 27 or higher Kin-Ki.

Rank 6: Requires Level 30

Combine a Kodama, Sudama, and Anzu to create a Neko Shogun. Then strengthen it with an Orobas or Flauros. Remember to save first just in case you don’t inherit the Dekaja skill.

Rank 7: Requires Level 34

There are two ways to get a Lachesis. Either Koppa Tengu + Red Rider or Eligor + Unicorn. Strengthen the result with a Clotho to get the required Tetraja skill.

Rank 8: Requires Level 42

This is a tough one to get, but thankfully there are four different combinations to make the requested persona. Clotho + Red Rider, Clotho + Belphegor, Kikuri-Hime + Belphegor, or Unicorn + Power will give you a Hecatoncheires. You must then strengthen it with either a Lilim or Thoth to learn the Masukunda ability.

Rank 9: Requires Level 49

To create a Bugs with Samarecarm, combine Pixie, Pisaca, and a level 41 Hariti.

Rank 10: Requires level 51, Unlocks Special Treatment and Zaou-Gougen for fusion

First you’ll need a Seth which can be obtained by fusing Isis, Thoth, and Anubis. Next, you’ll need the High Counter ability, which you can obtain by strengthening with a level 52 Dakini, Hecatoncheires, or a Hope Diamond.

For more on Persona 5, make sure to check out our wiki.

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