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Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Fortune Confidant (Chihaya Hifune)


Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Fortune Confidant (Chihaya Hifune)

How to Get and Max the Fortune Confidant (Chihaya Hifune) in Persona 5

Chihaya Hifune is a psychic you can meet in Shinjuku at night (after unlocking the area). To be honest, her abilities are only useful if you’re trying to grind out money or a Social Stat, but she’s a pretty cool NPC and one of Persona 5’s romance options.

She’s an expensive bond to begin, so make sure you have at least 100,000 yen before heading to her. You’ll also have to complete a couple of requests before maxing her out. Below we’ve listed all the Fortune Confidant ranks and requirements as well as any special answers that will help. Answers marked “mandatory” must be chosen to progress those conversations.

Rank 1: Must complete “Ending the Boyfriend’s Abuse”, Unlocks Luck Reading

The request needed to start the Confidant bond with Chihaya is unlocked by first purchasing a stone from her (for 100,000 yen), then talking to her. Once you complete the request, head back and talk to her again to start things up.

Rank 2:

Answer 1 – “Encourage her.” (mandatory)

Answer 2 – “Overturn your fate”(mandatory)

Answer 3 – “Open your mind to change.”

Rank 3: Unlocks Money Reading

Answer 1 – “Follow his heart.” (mandatory)

Answer 2 – “Thieves may steal her away.” (mandatory)

Rank 4:

Answer 2 – “Trust in yourself.”

Rank 5: Unlocks Fate Reading

Answer 1 – “You’re such a hard worker.”

Rank 6:

Answer 4 – “You’re just Chihaya to me.”

Rank 7: Unlocks Affinity Reading

Answer 1 – “I don’t think so.”

Rank 8: Unlocks “Debunking the Psychic” request, must complete request to finish rank

When you first talk to Chihaya to get Rank 8 it doesn’t matter what you say, you’ll still end up with the new request. After completing it, go and talk to her again.

Answer 1 – “I know.”

Answer 3 – “Hell yeah I am.”

Rank 9: Romance Opportunity

Answer 2 – “Well, fate can be changed.”

Answer 3 for Friendship – “I like having my fortune read.”

Answer 3 for Romance – “So I can be with you.”

Rank 10: Unlocks Special Fate Reading and Lakshmi for fusion

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