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Persona 5: How to Study


Persona 5: How to Study

How to Study in Persona 5

In Persona 5, there are plenty of things to such as going on adventures, pursuing Shadows to help you, and eating giant burgers. This means it can be easy to put off studying, which does count when exam time rolls around.

You can only study in certain places in town. You can simply head over to the library and find an empty study space, which then brings up the prompt to study. Studying there will always provide one point towards Knowledge and sometimes one point towards Guts. If you end up finding yourself busy after school, then you can always head to Cafe Le Blanc during the evening. Interact with the middle booth, and you’ll be allowed to study, which gives you two points towards Knowledge.

If those two areas don’t work out, then simply head over to the Diner located in Shibuya Central Street. Studying there will provide two points of Knowledge. Make sure to get pick any of the three types of food or drinks offered so you can receive points towards other stats. During exam periods, you’ll start to receive invitations to study with friends, so make sure to accept any you get for three points of Knowledge. If there is more than one invitation on your phone, then simply pick the person you want a better bond with.

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