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Persona 5: How to Clear Out the Attic


Persona 5: How to Clear Out the Attic

How to Clear Out the Attic in Persona 5

When you first move into the attic in Persona 5, it’s dirty, cluttered, and not the best place to live. Fortunately, you can clear out your room in the game, but it cannot be all done right away. Instead, your character will clear bits and pieces of it at different times during the opening moments of the game.

First, you’ll give it a light cleaning when you first move in on the first night by pressing X when looking examining things around the room.

Then, when you’re working on clearing the first Palace in Persona 5, Morgana will ask you to clear the desk. This is so that it can be used to craft infiltration tools to help you with your mission.

Sojiro will then ask that you finishing clearing out the attic shortly after. Do this and not only will you get a nice plant to brighten the place up, but you’ll also be given a book to help improve your knowledge. This space can be used for a TV, video game console, work out area, and more.

It’s worth noting that you no matter how hard you try, you can’t not clear out the attic. Sometimes you’ve got to do chores, even in video games.

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