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Overwatch Uprising: What Are the Best Heroes to Use


Overwatch Uprising: What Are the Best Heroes to Use

Best Heroes – Overwatch Uprising

Overwatch’s newest event Uprising has released and unlike modes like Junkenstein’s Revenge, players have a choice between two variants of this mode. One has a set group of four heroes to choose from while the All Heroes version lets players pick from the entire roster of characters. However, this is not a no limits style, meaning your team can only have one of each specific hero. This can lead to some rather wacky and amusing moments as a team of Supports attempt to stop a horde of oncoming robots from taking London.

Yet, if you really ant to succeed in the higher difficulties you will need to know which are the best heroes to pick for your group of four. Below, we have selected two heroes from each class that has proven to be the most consistent, useful, and powerful when implemented at the higher difficulties.

Soldier 76: If your team is looking for a DPS, we recommend picking Soldier 76 as he is one of the most well-rounded heroes thanks to his high damage output and healing capabilities. This makes him incredibly important if your healer needs extra healing or if you are compromised and away from the rest of your team. His sprint is very useful for escaping dire situations and the Helix Rockets are perfect for taking out key targets like the Omnic Bastions.

Reaper: Your second choice for DPS should be Reaper as he is an Omnic killing machine thanks to his Hellfire shotguns. His ultimate can easily wipe out entire groups or take down the Elite variants of the various Omnics you encounter. The only problem you may encounter when using Reaper on higher difficulties is that he can easily be killed if you stray too far from your team. Try not to go off on your own too much and use Reaper to cover the flanks and sides when holding objectives and advancing with the payload.

Bastion: Look, we aren’t going to sugarcoat this if you are looking to pick the best heroes for Uprising. Bastion is far and away one of the most powerful options and if you are planning on playing above Expert, he is a must pick. Bastion’s turret form can absolutely shred through enemies while his self-healing allows him to survive on his own without the help from Mercy or Ana. Try and always set up where you have your back covered to ensure you can funnel enemies into a 180-degree cone of death.

Torbjorn: Another solid choice for your team of four, Torbjorn can output a surprising amount of DPS thanks to his turret and Rivet Gun. Torb is certainly one of the best heroes in Uprising at managing the swarms of base robots, which can leave other heroes open to prioritizing the much more powerful versions that you’ll come across. While this character suffers a bit once you reach the last section of the event, he is great for both defense sections of Uprising and should be easily considered if you need another person.

Reinhardt: If your team needs a tank, just pick Reinhardt as his barrier will make most engagements far easier. While he may not do as much direct damage to the Omnics, giving your team a safe space to retreat if the firefights get out of hand could be critical to victory. On top of all that is Earthshatter and Charge, which help take out swarms of Omnics, making him a powerhouse. Always try to have a Reinhardt on your team if you are attempting to beat Overwatch’s Uprising mode on any difficulty above Expert.

Orisa: This second tank was a rather tough call, but we settled on Orisa thanks to her ability to produce barriers, inflict decent ranged damage, and help break the enemy lines. While her Supercharger can pretty much turn around any fight, you will want to remember that she is far squishier than the other tanks. Do not get caught out in the open with Orisa and always make sure to stick near your healer as it’s very easy to have your health burned down by the Omnics.

Mercy: Mercy is the best solo healer in the game and she should be your go to medic if you are serious about finishing Overwatch’s Uprising on legendary difficulty. She is one of the best heroes to choose from and we highly recommend you always pick her despite her not being able to contribute as much to the fight. Her Resurrect can save players from going out in the open and the damage boost makes heroes like Bastion even more deadly.

Ana: However, if you are not keen on playing Mercy, Ana is a good substitute thanks to her sheer versatility and damage boosting ultimate. While the sleep dart is not as impactful as it is in competitive, you can still stall important enemies like Bastion and Orisa so your team can coordinate. Just make sure you can land your hits consistently, otherwise you might be better off picking Lucio or Zenyatta.

Out of all the heroes in Overwatch, the team we have settled on as the best is Bastion, Soldier 76, Mercy, and Reinhardt as it offers more than enough DPS, healing, and protection to hold against enemy advances. If you are looking to substitute out someone, consider dropping Soldier 76 for either Torbjorn or Reaper. However, thanks to Soldier 76 and Bastion’s healing abilities, they won’t be as reliant on Mercy, freeing her up to focus on Reinhardt and damage boosting during combat. With some luck and good communication, you can easily best these robotic terrorists with little trouble.

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