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Outlast 2: How to Run


Outlast 2: How to Run

How to Run in Outlast 2

Running is something you’ll find yourself doing quite a bit in Outlast 2. After all, you’re nothing more than a frightened cameraman who has no combat experience whatsoever.

Even if you did, the nightmarish people you run into aren’t exactly playing by the same rules, so running is your best bet.

Thankfully, seeing as how this is one of your main means of staying the heck out of murderous arms, it’s quite easy to pull off. To run, you simply have to click in L3, click in LS, or hold Shift.

Do note that running will most certainly make more noise than simply walking or crouching. It will also make you a much more visible target, so any evil waiting around will surely take notice.

Only run when you really have no choice such as being spotted. Otherwise, take it slow and try not to draw any unwanted attention. Trust us, all attention is unwanted in Outlast 2.

You can run for a fair amount of time, so don’t be afraid to sprint out of bad situations when need be. When you start hearing Blake, the man you control, breathing really heavily, slow down to catch your breath before becoming completely exhausted.

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Question: How do you run in Outlast 2?

Answer: Press in the left thumbstick on your controller (L3).

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