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Outlast 2: How to Get Bandages


Outlast 2: How to Get Bandages

Bandages – Outlast 2

There’s little doubt that, during your exploration of the warped and dangerous world of Outlast 2, you will be injured. However, unlike the previous version of this horror title, in order to heal, you will need to find bandages which are scattered throughout the world. This item can be used to heal any wounds, regardless of if they’re minor or major, so it will be important to always have some. Blake can only hold three, so try to only use bandages when it’s absolutely necessary, as conserving resources is exceptionally important.

In order to obtain these, you will want to explore every nook and cranny, as they are rather rare and typically are not on the direct path. Bandages, like other key items, will have a slight glow to them so if you’re having an issue locating one exit out of night vision. This will help you locate them if you’re in a dimly lit room or outside, so consider occasionally popping out of this mode to search for some.

Remember, the higher difficulty you go, the smaller the stock of bandages will be within the world. If you are really struggling, try dropping the difficulty. To apply them, simply press the TouchPad (PlayStation 4) or Options Button (Xbox One) to bring up the inventory menu. If you do take critical damage, all you will need to do it hit either Triangle or Y to instantly apply one to Blake.

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