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Nex Machina Gameplay Features Discussed in New Developer Video

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Nex Machina Gameplay Features Discussed in New Developer Video

Releasing sometime in Q2 2017.

Developer Housemarque has released some new information on the yet to be released top-down shooter, Nex Machina. Head of Publishing Mikael Haveri and Game Director Harry Krueger discuss the inclusion of game seasons, challenges, and a gameplay footage replay ability that will be integrated directly into the game in a new developer video.

Seasons will last for a few weeks or a few months, but an official timeline has yet to be decided. In the seasons players can gain ranks in the leaderboards by undergoing challenges.

New challenges will be offered to players to add variety to the game, with game rules from the campaign being altered slightly to mix up gameplay. One example given in the video is a playthough where the game’s speed would be doubled and you attempt to survive for as long as possible.

A replay functionality will be included, so If you have a great run and make it on a leaderboard, your gameplay is recorded and other players can replay the footage to learn from how you played. This inclusion is inspired by experiences had in actual arcades where players would gather around arcade cabinets to watch a player attempt to get a high score.

Nex Machina will also feature a single-player arcade mode and campaign along with its seasonal incentives. In the game, humans have become so engrossed by their portable devices that machines have greatly surpassed their intelligence and are attempting to become the superior race by killing them all.

Nex Machina is coming to PS4 and PC sometime in Q2 2017.


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