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Zelda Breath of the Wild Blood Moon: What It Does


Zelda Breath of the Wild Blood Moon: What It Does

Not as creepy as the one in Majora’s Mask though.

Blood Moon – Zelda Breath of the Wild

You’ll first hear about the mysterious Blood Moon in Breath of the Wild when you talk to the NPC standing outside Dueling Peaks Stable. Once every few nights, when the clock strikes midnight, the moon will turn into an eerie red color. A cutscene will play, and Zelda’s voice will tell you to be careful.

While it certainly looks terrifying, the Blood Moon is actually just a video game mechanic used to explain how enemies will respawn in the world. Normally, enemies that you kill in an area will remain dead for good. When the Blood Moon rises, however, all enemies you’ve killed previously will return to life. You can tell when a Blood Moon is about to occur when you see the red colored ash all around the world when it’s close to midnight.

There is also a huge perk during this event. If you cook food when the red moon is up, your cooked dish will receive one random perk at no extra cost at all.

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