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8 Questions We Still Have After Destiny 2’s Big Reveal


8 Questions We Still Have After Destiny 2’s Big Reveal

So much the Guardians want to know.

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What’s Ghaul’s Deal?

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 reveal opens with Zavala telling us all about an attack on Earth by the Cabal under a leader named Ghaul. Obviously all of the alien races have been very evil and just generally don’t like us, but this appears to be very personal. We’ve dealt with the Fallen, Vex, Hive, and Taken, and while they’ve each tried to make life hell, none have visited the Tower to kick our teeth in. Yet Ghaul marched right in, decimating everything in his wake.

This feels different from what we’re used to with other enemies, even other Cabal enemies we’ve had to put down. To tear apart our home, and to leave the Traveler, our last major defense, burning in the sky is showing some serious rage. Destiny 1 struggled quite a bit with story, so we’re hoping there’s something deeper going on here for Destiny 2. 

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