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NieR Automata: Retrieve The Confidential Intel Quest Guide


NieR Automata: Retrieve The Confidential Intel Quest Guide

Only one path to follow.

NieR: Automata – Retrieve The Confidential Intel

Retrieve The Confidential Intel is one of the more unsettling side missions you can take on in NieR: Automata. You’ll be able to access it once you progress through the main story enough to trigger the Goliath attack on the city itself. While in the City Ruins, look for a Resistance member standing in of the dilapidated rooms atop a roof. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you to retrieve some plug-in chips.

Once you collect the chips, Command will inform you that a YoRHa unit has gone missing, and you’re tasked with looking for confidential chips that the unit dropped. Pod will also tell you that the chips you’ve found are designed specifically for YoRHa units, and there’s no reason for a Resistance android to have them. Return to the Resistance member with the chips. You can refuse to give him the chips to try to get some info out of him, but the only way to progress through the quest is by giving them up.

Leave the area, and you’ll get a new quest marker on your map. Head to the Desert Zone Housing Complex to find the Resistance android. He reveals that he found the missing YoRHa android and repaired him because he wanted a family of his own. The YoRHa unit doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, and simply pleads with you to help him. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do here.

Leave the area, and you’ll get a mail notification a little while later. The mail tells you that both the YoRHa and Resistance androids were killed by machines. This marks the end of the Retrieve The Confidential Intel quest.

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