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Mass Effect Andromeda: First Murderer Side Quest Guide


Mass Effect Andromeda: First Murderer Side Quest Guide

A weighty decision waits at the end.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s ‘First Murderer’ Side Quest

First Murderer is one of the many side quests you can tackle very early on in Mass Effect Andromeda. Upon gaining access to the Nexus, talk to the Turian Mariette to kick things off. She’ll tell you that her husband, Nilken, has been imprisoned for a crime that he didn’t commit. After speaking with Nilken himself, you’ll have to talk to few other people of interest around the Nexus, and examine the evidence. After that, head to Eos to investigate the crime scene yourself.

Be sure to take the Nomad with you, as there’s radiation around and you might not survive the trip. Head to the waypoint on your map to find Reynold’s leg bracers, Omni-tool, and armor. Upon scanning the remains, Ryder will quickly realize that Reynold was killed by a Kett blast. However, a standard rifle shot was also fired at him, and that shot missed. This means that although Nilken’s shot didn’t hit Reynold, he had been firing at him with the intent to kill.

When you return to the Nexus, you can speak with Nilken. After that, let Tann know about your findings, and you can play a part in deciding whether Nilken goes free or not.

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