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Horizon Zero Dawn Skill Guide: The Best Skills in Every Tree


Horizon Zero Dawn Skill Guide: The Best Skills in Every Tree

Prowler Tree

Horizon Zero Dawn Skill Guide: The Best Skills in Every Tree

There are quite a few skills to choose from while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and that can make it difficult to know where to place your hard-earned points. To make life easier, we’re going to list the best skills in each tree to help you build the best possible Aloy without having to reach level 50. Let’s start off with the Prowler tree.

Prowler skills revolve around stealth, letting you use the world around you for better cover while allowing you pull of powerful attacks against enemies unaware of your presence.

Silent Strike – This skill costs only one point and should be one of the first abilities you unlock while playing Horizon Zero Dawn. It allows you to pull of a powerful sneak attack on any enemy that can’t see you. It kills smaller machines and humans that aren’t marked as leaders in one shot, allowing you to quickly reduce a nearby threat.

Silent Drop – You make sound as you move through the world, which can interfere with stealthy movement. There are a lot of times when you need to drop down from a roof or a rock with nearby enemies. This lets you do so without raising any alarms while also putting you in position for a silent strike.

Leader Strike – You’ll have to unlock strike from above and below as well as Silent Strike (a total of six points) before you can access this three point skill. It’s worth it, though, especially for the later game, as it allows you to instantly take down the bigger human enemies, including those that carry the powerful weapons.

Strong Strike + – This is a three point skill that is preceded by Balanced, Hunter Reflexes, and Strong Strike. It greatly increases the damage to all strike attacks, allowing you to take down large machines instantly and to do much more damage to the biggest enemies.

Dodge Prowess – Dodging in Horizon Zero Dawn can often be very wild, often sending you off ledges or out of attack range. This skill allows you to do a short or long dodge so you can better control your placement on the field.

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