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Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Unlock Rebel Support


Ghost Recon Wildlands: How to Unlock Rebel Support

Rebel Support – Ghost Recon Wildlands

One of the unique features in Ghost Recon Wildlands is the ability to harness the local rebel forces to back you up in combat. Yet, in order to obtain these abilities you will actually need to go out into the world and finish various side missions that are tied to one of the five skills for Rebels. To find these Repel Support side objectives, you’ll need to discover intel documents and computers that are hidden in various Santa Blanca compounds. Once you approach the intel, your soldier will be given a choice between various different unlockables to choose from.

These can range from new weapons, skill point locations, or Rebel Support-based side missions. Remember, you can only choose one of these skills to unlock via that specific intel so pick which item you need. After the Rebel missions are playable, go to your TacMap to choose which one you want to visit, go to that area, and beat the specific requirements. After this, Ghost Recon Wildlands will unlock or upgrade that specific Rebel Support which can then be accessed in-game by holding down either R1 or RB.

Each Rebel Support has three power levels and doing missions specific to that category will upgrade that key skill. However, you are not required to ever call upon the Rebels for assistance so don’t feel as if it’s required to finish Ghost Recon Wildlands. They are simply a nice side perk to have if you need either a new truck, some fire support, or want to drop mortars on your foes.

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